These photographs were made to capture the original, handmade hats, made by Tina Bukumirović, a young costume designer.
Small gallery of ULUPUDS, in Belgrade, June 2013.

Photo series Great expectations was made as part of the photo workshop held by Pep Bonet, at Docufest festival in Prizren, Kosovo,
in August 2013.

The project is the result of the international cultural cooperation between the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and the Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Belgrade.

"Maja Medić’s eye, objective but engaged, gifted but not determined, as it should be with the exquisite professionals, has caught a lot of the essential irony of this process.

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of my first photography teacher  Aleksandar Dolgij (1931 - 2009).
- Maja Medić

This is an exhibition made as a result of collaboration with French artists from La Rochelle, made for the Baz'Art Festival in 2008.

This is a collection of the very specific visual biographical "notes".
These photographs represent first, half exposed pieces of negative whose only purpose is purely functional - to eliminate the exposed part of the negative.

"Very few people know what they look like.
Very few know what they do and how much they work.

This exhibiton consists of photographs from the shooting of the TV series, which were provided by Serbian Television Archive and the original photos - portraits of the main actors and authors of the series, made by me.