Marija, October 2014,  Grinet cafe, Belgrade

Tijana, at her film shooting.

Sofija, at her home, 2004

Dule, one of my best summer vacationes ever, Lastva, Montenegro, 2003

Milan, reflection, 2002

Simonida, at her home, 2014

Philippe and his son noe, Bruxelles, 2009

Mathieu, Paris 2009

Jovana, Pašman, 2015

Maja, reflection, my room, 1999

Marija, at Milan's bithday, 2000

Bojan, in Paris, 2009

Tiphanie, Paris 2006 at Mathieu's place

Jadranka, at Sofi's place,
Belgrade 2006

We had a coffee&talk one lovely afternoon in Oslo, 2016

Marte, with her younger son at their home, Norway 2013

Marija, august 2011

Nemanja in Petnica, summer 2012

Marko, in his flat in Paris, June 2006

Marija, at Simonida & Đorđe's place. We are celebrating their anneversary.
Belgrade 2015

Isidora, my room, February 2007

Nenad, Pašman 2014

Jelena & Teodora, 2004

Simonida, Rose (Montenegro) 2003

Olga, in her home in Oslo, 2015

Nevena, when she visited me in Brussels, 2009

Sofija, Montenegro, summer 2003.

Mathieu, France 2006.

Marija, her room, Belgrade, 2007.

Andrijana, at the Magnificent 7 Festival, Belgrade, 2017

Ana, 2014, few days before she's gona give birth to her second child.

Stefan, at his home, 2014

Goran, at his home, 2015

Emiliano, Oslo 2014

Nada, in her home, Belgrade 2005

Katarina in her home in Oslo, January 2019

Hami, Bookastore, Belgrade 2018

Lena at home, Oslo, January 2019

Vesna Pavlović, Mariott cafe, Belgrade / February 2019

Nenad, The Hague, 2019

Tereza, Paris, 2019

Antoaneta, Hvar, Croatia 2019

Vesna, Belgrade, December 2014

Dušan, Belgrade, October 2019

Marija Piroški, October, 2019

Vanja, Belgrade, January 2020

Milica, Belgrade, summer 2019

Miloš, Belgrade, May 2021

Leon & Jelena, their wedding day, Novi Sad, May 2021

People are what matters.