Reconstrucing Femina

This project represents a comparative study of a women's lives in XX century. It consists of collected material of four generations of women - information and photographs at their age of 27, as well as a (family) story.
What are the differences, but much more - similarities between different countries, cultures and histories, represented through these personal stories?
How much are our attitude towards being photographed reflected in the photograph itself and how much has it altered from those times when taking a picture was a luxury of a privileged few until now, when everyone can take a picture with their mobile phones?
With this project I don't wish to impose answers nor to favor past or present, nor one country or another but to enable the observer to make his/her own conclusions based on this cut though time and space, presented through lives of the women, bind together by one (and the same) moment in there life (at the age of 27) but separated by culture and social changes through history.